Can Power Washing Do Any Damage?

Can Power Washing Damage your home? You can trigger irreparable damage if you do not have suitable experience and understanding of how to power wash a home.

Here’s the type of damage power washing can do if not carried out properly:

1. Siding, shingles, shutters, and so on can be mistakenly dented or gotten rid of.
2. Paint can be needlessly gotten rid of or stained.
3. Wood and stone surface areas can be splintered or split.

In order to power wash properly, you should comprehend the intricacies of strategy, range, and pressure. We dive into those listed below.

The amount of pressure should be perfect

Particular surface areas, like concrete, can manage a rather large quantity of pressure. Other surface areas, like roofing shingles, must never ever be treated with what we’d specify as pressure (we utilize a soft wash rather).

Power washing a house isn’t as basic as choosing one pressure and carrying a maker around a lawn throughout the day. You need to understand the surface area you’re washing, what it’s made from, and the best PSI to utilize when washing it.

Power washing from a safe range

The range from a power washing wand to the surface area being cleaned up is simply as essential as the pressure being used. Well, you’d definitely get rid of any dirt on the surface area.

Power washing methods

If you power wash versus the grain and where the spaces are exposed, water has a great opportunity of streaming behind the siding. It would be practically difficult to understand that as property owner power washing their house for the very first time (unless you’re reading this post).


Should You Pressure-Wash It?

Decks made from South American woods such as Ipe, Camaru, and Tigerwood will hold up to the power simply great. Decks made of pressure-treated wood are normally all right, too, presuming you do not hold the nozzle too close. You’ll desire to examine your owner’s handbook to see which nozzle and setting the maker advises for cleaning up decking, and how far away from the surface area you require to keep the nozzle.


Should You Pressure-Wash It?

Appealing as it may be to blast away unpleasant moss and algae, utilizing a pressure washer to clean your roofing system are unsafe, not to discuss possibly harmful. For beginners, we never ever advise utilizing a pressure washer while you’re set down on a ladder due to the fact that blowback might toss you off balance.


Should You Pressure-Wash It?

Plenty of individuals utilize a pressure washer to clean their cars and truck, of course, however it can do more damage than great. Utilizing a pressure washer can nick the paint or harm, which might lead to rust.

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